Feb 7, 2018

‘Finding your own style, your own unique voice’ – I remember hearing about it a lot. Starting out as a photographer, I followed many workshops, courses, podcasts, you name it, and many of them briefly touched this subject. They told me it was important to find my own style, to carry out uniqueness and to […]


Jan 5, 2018

My last Travel blog was about my trip to Indonesia, and today I would really like to tell you a bit more about the place where I stayed for my yoga retreat: Bagus Jati.   ‘Bagus jati was created to bring health and vitality to life’ – as they say on their website.   And […]

Jan 3, 2018

YAY! I will be hosting the first ‘Find Your Voice’ wedding photography workshop together with Wianda Bongen in May. This workshop will be in Dutch, so the rest of this post as well ;-). – Superspannend maar ook oh zo leuk om dit bekend te mogen maken: Wianda Bongen & ik organiseren in Mei onze […]


Dec 28, 2017

Each year I write a post to wrap up the year. And each year the effect of writing keeps surprising me. It’s not just another blogpost, it’s the moment to reflect and be proud of all that the last year has been. Travels Ofcourse, 2017 was again filled with travel. The year started good: in […]