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Again: thank you so much!! I loved the way you made time and provided me with so many great tips on how to run my business - Sascha

tell your story. And theirs. like only you can.

"I implemented your tips and strategies immediately and, if I may say so, am proud with the results. thanks again so much for all your advise & encouragement" - Erica

follow your dreams and create the life you love.

I am so happy with everything you told me. Also, I bought the presets you advised - it's a game changer!! - Sylvia


"Community over Competition" - I truly believe in sharing knowledge and working together to make the industry better by doing so. It's why I started doing mentor sessions a few years ago. 

When I was starting my business, I learnt so much from other photographers, and I am excited to now learn others all that I picked up along the way of running my photography business. You don't have to figure it out all on your own. Let me help you reach those goals. 

Mentor sessions are available in multiple forms (scroll further for details) and both in Dutch & English.


second photo: Iep Bergsma





LOng-term mentoring

one-on-one sessions
2 hours of mentoring

Focus on what matters to you. Wether it's photography skills, branding, setting up your business or taking it to the next level: this mentor session is the perfect opportunity to pick my brain. Takes place in Santpoort-Noord (the Netherlands) or through Skype. Includes a follow-up Skype meeting. Investment: 275 euros excl. BTW / VAT

Looking for a more long-term mentoring solution? Together we'll work on your business and focus on the areas which you find important. We'll work out the planning and terms together and work towards your goals. 

Investment: based on your wishes / the terms of our agreement. Inquire to receive the brochure!

I absolutely love helping fellow photographers & entrepeneurs to reach their goals. A little over two years ago I met Elsa, and we immeadiately connected. We share a common love for sharing knowledge and together we created The Confetti Collective. A both online and offline collective for female entrepeneurs. Ready to connect and be inspired?




ask me all about:

Film Photography, Wedding & Portrait photography, branding, Online marketing, Instagram, Getting published, finding your ideal client, creating a website with show it, SEO, editing with lightroom & creating a vendor network


thank you

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