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Quitting law school was one of the best decisions I have ever made... I kind of struggled with 'choosing' what I wanted to as a career but when I picked up my first camera right after my 19th birthday, I rapidly fell head over heels in love with it. 

Since then, I have been photographing so many amazing moments, people, places... And count myself very lucky to see my dreams come true and to now spend my days doing what makes me happy, to travel for my job and to meet the most beautiful people. Telling stories is what I'm all about. 

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Photography is my tool to show people how I see the world. Full of amazing places, filled with the most loving people and with details telling real stories. My Inspiration comes from nature, traveling and the most important of all: from people and their stories. 

The timelessness of pictures, and their quality are one of my main focus points. It's why I give it my all during assignments, focus on storytelling, and also photograph with a high quality medium format camera. I'm one of the few who shoots with a camera like this, especially in my fields of work. As a result of this, I became an official Fujifilm x Photographer (ambassador) since 2019. 

Shooting medium format ensures the highest quality photos, with an emphasis on timelessness. These are photographs that will endure a lifetime. And longer. The end result? Complete series of work that feature both the beautiful portraits of you, as the key moments of the day. All captured with an artistic eye.


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Brands that share my love for the beach, yoga, travelling or just celebrating live in general have my heart. Curious about my work?

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