In this live editing masterclass, i will be sharing my complete workflow from selection to editing to delivery. All to help you move forward and find your own style.

Do you want to create timeless images that people notice and recognize? 

Of experience as a wedding- edtorial- and travel photographer


Very happy clients I got to photograph


Photographs shot and edited. All of which led up to this point.


Just like me
- Dcvelop a style in both photography as editing which you 100% support and are just unbelievably proud of.
- Start to completely trust your own editing skills
- Stand out between all other photographers in your market
- Create timeless images that your clients are totally in love with ánd can stand the test of time and multiple generations.
- Enjoy everything you do and make to the fullest.
- Find complete freedom within your photography business.

And I want to help you get there.

i want you to

The last nine years,  I have been working on my own style. A beautiful process from which I learned só much, and at the same time a process that never stops. As long as I will photograph (and hopefully it will be a while), I will continue to develop and grow.

During those nine years, I learned a lot from other photographers. Their lessons, their style, their words: it all led me to where I am now. And I am at a point where I want to share in order to get you to where you want to be, faster.

Most questions I receive in my inbox from photographers are about editing: they ask which presets I use, how the colors in my photos came to be, why my edit is so recognizable... How do you photograph and how do you edit? 
And it is time to answer those questions, in this live editing masterclass.

it all started with this

Why do I host this


I always recognize your photos instantly! - Melanie

You create true pieces of art - Gilcelia

Taking beautiful photos from beautiful people and places: it isn't that hard. They do all the work. But your pictures are so much more than that. They are so interesting and creative, I love it. - Elke

I want to thank you so much for the masterclass. You share so much and you are so personal. It's so valueable. - Wike

Thanks for capturing our special day in the most beautiful and best way possible. It means so much - Rose & Andrew

Again: thank you so much! I love how you took the time for me. You have learned me so much. - Sascha

I went to work immediately after your advise and I must say: the results are amazing. Thank you so much - Erica

I have to tell you that I have a major creative crush on you! Your work blew me away. It’s so stunning and is so infused with your personality…just absolutely beautiful. - Stephanie

What do you receive?
what does the masterclass look like?

A live online masterclass of 80-120 minutes (depending on the number of questions you have) on March 4, 19:00 GMT+1 (Amsterdam time). I’ll show you how I select, edit and deliver pictures to my clients. I will share everything - no secrets here. Can’t you join us live? No problem! You can send me your questions up front. Also: I’ll edit some submitted RAW files from participants during the masterclass as well.


You will also receive a replay of the masterclass (wether you watch it live or not) - which you have unlimited access to. I’ll also send you a handout / summary of the masterclass inn PDF, so you can look up anything you want, fast.

bonus goodies

SUPPORT. Everyone that signs up right now, will receive an invite for a Slack account (a kind of business Wharsapp / better version of Facebook groups). Here you can ask questions and get support after the masterclass.


*Drumroll please*, if you invest now, you will have the exclusive opportunity to receive my color and black and white Lightroom presets.

These are the presets I have been working with and ON for years. The color preset is perfect for timeless, bright (but not too bright) images with deep colors and details. The black and white preset has the same timeless vibes with just enough contrast and a film type of grain. (Which you can remove as well).

I hope these preset may form a strong base for you, to grow further into your own style. I hope you will be able to tweak them (now or in the future) to match your exact preferences. But of course you can use it however you please.



During the masterclass, or before, you can ask me anything. I will answer everything during the masterclass. 

before + after

as seen on


You get unlimited access to the masterclass, the replay and the PDF's. So you can learn whenever it fits you.

For you

More benefits

Learn from home, and make use of my personal support when needed.

Learn how to edit smart, fast and most of all consistently. Also: get insight on how I photograph.

Grow within your editing style, learn from mine, and get confidence in your own editing.

Choose wether you want to follow the masterclass, or get the masterclass and the presets. The choice is yours!

Stand out in your market and build the photography career you dream of.

editing class

Invest in your editing skills and future as a photographer. Join the masterclass and get:
+ Access to the live online masterclass on March 4, 19:00 GMT+1 (Amsterdam time) 
+ Support through Slack
+ Unlimited access to the replay
+ A summary of the masterclass in PDF

+ All of this with a value of 134 euros.
+ Now for just 79 euros ex VAT for early birds. 


class + presets

Do you want to join the masterclass ánd get acces to my presets after ? You can! I am sharing my preset exclusively through this masterclass. You will get:
+ Everything from the base package on the left.
+ My color and black and white Lightroom preset. Tested and available for Fujifilm, Sony, Nikon and Canon.
+ Support through Slack for the preset.
+ All of this with a value of 195 euros.
+ Now for just 139 euros ex VAT for early birds.


Are you ready for it? Invest with early bird discount below:

You can pay in monthly installments

You can pay in monthly installments

Thank you!
we'll be in touch soon! 

Do you have any questions? Send me a message to talk some more!