timeless. colorful. light & airy. the perfect light presets for portrait, wedding & lifestyle photography

timeless. colorful. light & airy. the perfect light presets for portrait, wedding & lifestyle photography

Raisa Zwart Presets

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I am not júst throwing these presets out there...

I really believe they can help you

These are the presets I have been working for for years, and having been working ON for years as well. A timeless and light color preset wíth contrast and depth, and a timeless classic black and white one to match. Inspired by film photography, which I have been pursuing for years.

I believe these presets can help you obtain a timeless though unique look in your images. They promote a timeless way of editing with just a bit extra to help make people recognize your images at first sight. 

Presets for a consistent, timeless look in both Lightroom (classic) desktop  ánd mobile.

Raisa Zwart Presets


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"Thanks to your presets I can get the look I want in my photography work so much faster! Thanks :)"

- Steffi

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My presets are not one click wonders

my presets are not one click wonders

A preset is a strong base to work from. A base for you to develop an even stronger workflow and style for your images. A start, not an end result. 

These presets are inspired by analog (film) photography. That means colors are rich, there's a film like grain in them (which you can skip if you like) and provide a unique look while sticking to natural tones and colors.

frankly: i think that's a claim nobody can and should make

My preset ís a strong base for your images which is focused on beautiful colors + tones, consistency and timelessness.

You are free to use these for all of your editing, you can experiment, you can develop them even more if you'd like and make sure they match your work and vision 100%. I'll be there to support you online when needed.

"I love these presets, and thanks so much for the personal feedback and advise. You're awesome!"

"Heel leerzaam. Het bracht precies wat ik nodig had; rust in mijn hoofd, overzicht en energie/motivatie om aan de slag te gaan!"

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Lightroom presets for both newer and older versions of Lightroom (XMP and LRtemplate files)  ánd seperate Lightroom mobile presets

What is included?

Instructions and good practices to get the most out of these presets.

Online support. I'd be happy to answer all your questions and give personal advice based on your experience with the presets. Also: you'll receive all future updates of the preset..

*For every sale, I plant 1 tree through my partner Trees for all. 


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