Sep 18, 2017

Read this post in Dutch I think a lot of people will agree with me: seeing your work in prints is just the best!  It’s the way photos, and especially film photos look at their best, printed in all its glory. Trouwplannen is a Dutch wedding magazine, found at the larger book stores, supermarkets and […]


Aug 29, 2017

Read this post in Dutch The Netherlands have a series of small islands in the far north and although one of them is just something like 1,5 hour from where I live, I had never been to the island of Texel before… Until this year, when my boyfriend gifted me a weekend getaway there for […]

Jun 16, 2017

“The worlds’ best places to live”, “The most beautiful coastline” – The Huffington post seems to write quite some articles on the Algarve coast and I can’t say I blame them. A few weeks ago I visited Lagos in this part of Portugal and let me tell you: it’s beautiful! I was lucky enough to be […]


Jun 1, 2017

  I try to be quite personal on my website and social media. Maybe you already know some things about me like: I quit law school to pursue photography, live together with my boyfriend Erik and I absolutely love traveling, food, my family, friends and relaxing at the beach. But how about we go a […]