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Looking back on 2019

It is time for my yearly recap post. The ‘looking back on 2019’ blogpost. Each year, I plan to write this post and each year, it takes a little bit of effort to start writing it. Because it’s a lot, looking back on a year and trying to write something meaningful about it. Nevertheless, I have been doing a recap post like this since 2014. And it’s so much fun, and it has so much value to now be able to read about my process and thoughts on these last couple of years.

Photo by Hugo – The Dreamers

So… 2019. It was another year full of amazing opportunities, steps outside of my comfort zone (it never seems to end and I love it), and meeting so many beautiful people. It was a year in which I maintained my balance between work and private life way much better than before. Better than ever, and that has so much to do with the lessons I learned in 2018, when I lost that balance and had to figure out a way to take better care of myself. Lessons that I translated into my talk at Way Up North in Stockholm this year. Definitely one of the business highlights from this year. Speaking at this international conference was such an honour, and something I never had imagined myself doing if you had asked me a couple of years ago. And the most surprising thing of all (to me): I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be, and really felt like the message came across. It was such a special experience.

Some other business highlights were:
– Traveling to Cannes in France, Valencia, Sevilla and more in the South of Spain, Puglia and Umbria in Italy, Ourika Morocco and Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic, for weddings and commercial shoots.
– Launching my Dutch online course on wedding photography – Find your Voice – together with Wianda Bongen.
– Seeing The Confetti Collective (my other company) grow and grow into the platform that it is today.
– And starting my monthly letter, a monthly e-mail for insiders, in which I share my thoughts on different subjects. I am loving this new way of connecting with you guys! Click here to sign up.
– Becoming a partner of ‘Trees for all’ – which means I plant two trees for every client I help.

And on a personal front
It has been a great year as well. Last year, my dad had heart surgery and we had some uncertain times. But this year, he rehabilitated and in some ways feels fitter dan before. I got to spend a lot of time with family and friends this year, saw lots of amazing places, and spend so many hours at the beach. I am so so grateful for it all. Check out this IGTV video for some personal + behind the scenes snapshots from this year.

Looking forward to 2020
2020 will be a special year. Aren’t they all :)? I always love the feeling of a fresh start. And can’t wait to see what next year will have in store. I am looking forward to photograph the weddings of the couples that have already booked me, and the ones that can still book those few spots that are left. I can’t wait to shoot some more editorial and commercial work, and to upload even more travel work to my Society6 store.

And what I am really looking forward to, is our big trip. Mid-September, me and Erik leave for Los Angelos, to see the west coast and national parks of the United States with a campervan. We’re planning to go to Mexico and Costa Rica from there, and who knows what after that. We’ll be away for six or seven months, traveling, and working abroad. The preparations are in full swing and I have a feeling it will be September before we know it.  So… if you are reading this and want to meet up, or shoot somewhere around North, Central and South America – do send me a message! 

Let’s wrap this up
I’ll share a few of the many favorites I shot this year, and I wish you all a beautiful 2020. I hope 2019 has treated you well, and that you’re ready for the new year and hope it will be filled with adventure, creativity, beauty, romance, and so much love. And I ask of you: please don’t be a stranger. Know that I love to connect with you on Instagram and hope to see you in real life as well.

Lots of love,


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