My favorite wall art photography prints from Marrakech & Morocco

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My favorite travel wall art prints shot in Marrakech // Morocco

Marrakech is one of my favorite places in the world. It wasn’t loved at first sight though. My first time traveling there, I was quite overwhelmed. I suffered from a major culture shock. Since then though, I have been to this amazing place a couple of times, and through getting to know the city and the culture better, I fell in love with it. A foodie paradise and definitely a photographers paradise. Many of the photographs I take there end up in my travel wall art collection. And in this post, I’m sharing five of my absolute favorite photos I shot there.

1. My magical Marrakech photography print of a beautiful pink building in the old Medina of the Moroccan city.

Magical Marrakech Morocco photography travel print poster

Right photo by Fittybritty


I shot this favorite of mine during my second trip to this city that stole my heart: Marrakech. It’s vibrant, chaotic, stressful yet relaxing, the food is amazing and it is oh so beautiful. A photographer’s dream and a place I keep coming back to. This one was shot on film, and it truly surprised me when it came back from the lab. It just gives me that exotic feeling, and I love the pastel color palette that this photo has. And printed, it looks even more amazing – there’s so much more detail than you would think. An all-time favorite.

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Shop this print + frame on Society 6 | Or Redbubble


3. The Red mountains of Ourika, Morocco

Morocco travel photography wall art print - Printed on fine art paper - Raisa Zwart Photography

This favorite travel print is one I shot very recently. I photographed this sunset in the Atlas mountains, in Ourika, Morocco during a wedding I shot there. The colors, backlighting, the warmth of the morning and all of the beautiful trees made for a stunning view and I am so glad I was able to capture it for you guys.

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Shop this print + frame on Society 6


3. The steps of El Badi Palace, Marrakech

Colorful El badi wall art print shot in Marrakech, Morocco - Raisa Zwart Photography Society 6 artist

I LOVE this photo. I printed it as wall art for my own office as well. Have you seen those tiles? This palace was build in 1578. There is not much left, but what is left: is amazing. The coral tones in combination with the turquoise and the way the light hits the plaster is what caught my eye. You can just imagine yourself walking there don’t you think? Btw: if you do visit Marrakech, please make sure you visit this wonderful place!

Shop this print on Society 6 | Or Redbubble
Shop this print + frame on Society 6 | Or Redbubble


4. Pastel colors in the Souks of Marrakech

Colorful wall art photography print from the Souks of Marrakech, Morocco

Imagine wandering the souks of Marrakech. Different sounds, everywhere. Different smells. Colors. A neverending maze of salesmen, products, culture, and experiences. Chaotic? Sure. An adventure you won’t forget? Definitely. This photo is one of the reminders I took from there and it instantly takes me back. A perfect Morocco photography print for foodies, adventurers, lovers of color, and of course: fans of Marrakech.

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Shop this print + frame on Society 6


5. Corals, pink, and a bit of blue.

Wooden door and coral tones in the Medina of Marrakech. Wanderlust travel wall art Morocco


The second front door of this blog! You might notice that I photograph quite some door for my print collections. What can I say, I just love them. They are pretty, they make for great compositions, in cities like Marrakech they are all different. In Marrakech, you can walk through a random door, and find yourself in a courtyard, riad, a little piece of paradise, an amazing hammam, all kinds of places. It makes me wonder what was behind this one…

Shop this print on Society 6
Shop this print + frame on Society 6


Those are it! My five favorite photography wall art prints from Marrakech & Morocco. I hope you enjoyed the read and maybe found something to spice up your walls or to gift to a friend. I would be honored to see my photo up on your walls. Will you tag me on Instagram if you post something about it?

PS: there’s a lot more of where this came from. Check out my full collection of fine art photography prints that will ignite your wanderlust in my Society6 shop.

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