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I'm Raisa Zwart, a fine art film photographer from the Netherlands, shooting intimate weddings & adventurous brands + travels worldwide. You could call me a beach lover, big dreamer and a sucker for yoga pants, traveling and Moroccan food.


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Each year I write a post to wrap up the year. And each year the effect of writing keeps surprising me. It’s not just another blogpost, it’s the moment to reflect and be proud of all that the last year has been.


Ofcourse, 2017 was again filled with travel. The year started good: in March me and my boyfriend spent a month in New Zealand, which is such an amazing and beautiful country. I shot weddings in France, two maternity shoots in Portugal and the French Riviera, went to Ibiza with my mom and to Stockholm for Way up North with Wianda. I ended the travel season with a yoga retreat in Bali. Typing this and thinking of the adventures we had and people we’ve met makes me extra grateful and proud of being able to travel this much. I couldn’t have dreamed about this just a couple of years ago.


Ofcourse 2017 was filled with weddings as well, both in the Netherlands as abroad. And each and everyone of them is so special. To see the excitement and emotions of the couple, to hear the sweet words during speeches, to capture all that prettiness and preserve memories in the form of pictures – to me there’s really nothing like it, I love it and am already looking forward to the couples I’ll meet in 2018.


It’s funny, it feels like a lot has changed on a personal level but somehow I find it hard to define what exactly. I’ll try to explain. I’m more balanced: the focus has shifted from sometimes maybe too much work, to taking more and more time with the ones I love and taking time for myself as well, especially with yoga. I’m sharing more personal stuff on social media and despite what I would have thought in advance, really like it. I am more confident, especially because my dear friend and business partner Elsa regularly (gently) pushes me outside of my comfort zone ;-), and each time it pays of BIG TIME. And in extent to that last one, I spoke in public (big deal for me) and am getting more and more comfortable with video.

Oh and we also adopted the cutest kitten in the world – maybe you’ve spotted him on my Instagram stories.


Helping creative entrepreneurs

Also big changes in this area: I started offering long-term mentoring and am mentoring 4 really talented photographers at the moment. Sharing knowledge and helping entrepreneurs is a big passion of mine and I am so glad to be able to help them evolve in / with their business. And then there’s my other company The Confetti Collective – what a year has it been: we’ve launched some really cool products and services, are sharing knowledge and inspiration on a daily base and hosted our first two events. I loved every second of it and can’t wait to launch our Dutch online program ‘The Next Level‘ in Januari. Again a big thanks to Elsa: working together gives me so much energy and fulfilment. You’re the best and you have become such a big part of my life!


Goals for 2018

Soo… what’s next? I have a few ideas up my sleeve but can’t tell anything about them yet. First let’s see if I find the time to execute them ;-). Ofcourse you’ll be the first to know when I have some news! I hope to find even more balance in 2018, to work out more (how cliche ;-)), visit some beautiful places, photograph amazing weddings and to keep inspiring others to follow their dreams. Want to know exactly where I dream to be in 5 years? The Confetti Collective’s Next Level will also be the place for that. I can’t wait to see what 2018 will be all about, and to hear about your dreams and goals!

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