Apr 20, 2017

After part 1 of New Zealand, today I’m sharing the second part of our most recent adventure. After exploring the south island we took the ferry from Picton to Wellington. We chose this direction of traveling (south to north) because we wanted to end with the subtropical Bay of Plenty and Bay of Islands, which […]


Apr 13, 2017

A blog about New Zealand… Honestly I don’t even know where to start. People that have been there probably know: New Zealand is special. It;s the perfect place for a road trip and every few hours of driving brings you to a completely different place. There are modern cities, small townships, tropical bays, stunning lakes, […]

Jan 20, 2017

Last November I traveled to Morocco for the wedding of Atva & Samir, together with the Dreamers. And before heading to Ourika for the wedding, we spent a day and a half in Marrakech. A place of contradictions: the crowded medina, the somewhat pushy guides, but also beautiful scenery, fairy-tale like alleys and amazing food. […]


Dec 8, 2016

An adventurous destination wedding for a adventurous couple…. Esther & Marius met each other while backpacking through Australia. They both tried to continue on their planned journey but after 3 days and 600km between them, they decided to just do what they really wanted to do: travel together from that point on. After 8 months of […]