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“Everything changes when your board touches the water” 

It has been on my wishlist for a while: photographing a surfer couple. Imagine my excitement when Sabine told me that her and Sven would love to do an adventurous couple shoot, including surf boards on the beach.

I used to surf, back when I was in Costa Rica for a couple of months. And since then there have been some occasional surf trips during holidays. My skills could use (a lot of) improvement, but I still I can’t help but to love it. The surfing itself, but also the whole vibe around it. It’s why this beach in Wijk aan Zee is one of my favourite places to spend time: watching the surfers catch their waves and hanging out at beach pavilions ‘Timboektoe’ and ‘Aloha’ myself.

For the shoot with Sabine & Sven, we went there around sunset to shoot in and around the water. Enjoying the sand between our toes, warm summer sun and of course celebrating love. Yes, shoots like these definitely have my heart.

So for any surfers, adventurous couples or brands reading this: I’m your girl 😉

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