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Podcast interview with Way up North

Yes! In October, I’ll be speaking about photography and entrepeneurship at my favorite event ever: Way up North in Stockholm, which is a wedding photography conference that I myself visit almost every year for inspiration, community building and new influences of creativity. I’m honored to be on the big stage myself in just a few weeks. And in preparing for that, me and Cole from Way Up North did an interview through their podcast.

Hereby a little quote from Way up North about the interview: 

“We’ve probably mentioned it enough times but it’s fine to repeat: We’re gushing over Raisa Zwart coming to Stockholm this October for Way Up North.

What struck us in this podcast with her was how she appears to set intentional limitations on herself. By doing so, she can adhere to a specific lifestyle she wants, balances her personal and professional life. Or sets it in a sustainable rhythm, at least.” – Way up North

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