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7 Perfect Locations to Host Your Beach Wedding

I must confess that if I could pick my absolute favorite type of wedding, it would be a beach one. There is just something so idyllic about a toes in the sand wedding. Being at the beach brings its own atmosphere and there are so many stunning locations to choose from. It’s like combining the two very best things in life, a holiday and a wedding. I’m feeling all inspired and am yearning for the beach just thinking about it!

There are so many reasons why I think that a beach wedding is such a good choice, it’s a beautifully relaxing way to get married, with friends and family watching on as the gentle waves roll in. The natural landscape provides the most incredible backdrop to your day, meaning that you can just limit your décor to some tasteful local flowers and shells. There is a certain sense of freedom that comes hand in hand with a beach wedding with the gentle sea breeze and that amazing smell of the ocean. Get me on that plane right now ;-)!

Of course there are literally tons of beaches to choose from around the world, so I’ve had a good think and put together some of my ideas to give you some beachside inspiration. 

1. Your favorite beach in your own country

Of course it’s a no brainer, if you already have your own special beach, naturally that should be your wedding venue. If you do have a significant beach, you are so lucky! For me, that’s the most romantic kind of beach wedding, perhaps with you as a couple remembering all those sentimental memories, and maybe even the place where you had your first kiss. 

7 locations to host the perfect beach wedding - Parnassia / Bloemendaal in The Netherlands

This beach, Parnassia aan Zee (near Bloemendaal aan zee) is one of my favorite beaches in the Netherlands.

2. The Island of Bali, Indonesia

You might discount Bali as being a bit of a stereotypical destination for beach weddings, and yes, it is a popular choice. But, but, don’t write off this Indonesian island just yet. There is a reason for its popularity, have a look at Melasti Beach and you will soon begin to see the appeal. It used to be a private beach and still retains some of that seclusion, so with the view, the weather and the lack of other tourists, it’s heavenly!

Bali as the perfect location for your beach wedding // Fine art photography Raisa Zwart

Saba beach Bali at a cloudy day, but still so beautiful!

3. The coast of Portugal

If you’ve never been to Portugal you need to organise a wedding research mission out there right now.  You will find that Portugal has the most dramatic scenery, imagine beautiful Portuguese rocky beaches and the stunning artistic wedding photography they would create (I’m always visualising great shots wherever I go, that is the life of a wedding photographer).

The stunning coast of Lagos would be the perfect backdrop for a beach wedding.

4. The islands in the North of the Netherlands

Being based in the Netherlands, I may be a little biased but these islands truly are a hidden gem. Known as the Wadden or Frisian Islands, they are the perfect hideaway for a romantic beach wedding.  We may not be well known outside of Holland for our beaches, but I think you will be inspired by these long natural beaches with their distinctive beach tents and slow living lifestyle.

Wedding photographer Texel The Netherlands - Bruidsfotograaf Texel

The beaches of the islands of Holland are amazing!

Fotografie Texel Photography

5. The island of Ibiza, Spain

Ok, so I know that Ibiza has a reputation as being a bit of a party isle (ok, a lot of a party isle!), but it has a completely different side to it which makes it the ultimate beach wedding destination. The relaxing vibe, the colours, the laidback lifestyle, if you are lusting after a boho hippy inspired chilled out wedding, then the white isle is the place! Check out El Chiringuito de Cala Gracioneta or Cala Sol D’en Serra for inspiration.

PS: the other Balearic islands like Mallorca & Formentera are amazing wedding destinations as well!

Ibiza shot on film - Buildings in Ibiza

6. South Africa as your (beach) wedding destination

Over the years SA has become a really popular tourist destination and it is growing in popularity as a beach wedding destination. It’s so easy to see why, long white sandy beaches, sparkling blue sea and weather you can count on. Dreamy weddings become a reality here that’s for sure, if you don’t believe me, have a look at Cape St Francis Resort or Saldanha Bay.

Portrait sessions & Wedding Photography in Lagos Portugal on the Algarve coast

7. Curacao

For your own perfect piece of paradise, you should check out Playa Lagun. It’s a small, secluded cove which is slightly off the beaten track. This is the perfect destination for a beach wedding, taking place on the soft sandy shores as the turquoise water laps at your feet. And if you really want to make it magical and unforgettable you can swim with the sea turtles after you have declared undying love for one another.


Raisa Zwart wedding photography // beach wedding locations South Africa

Hopefully this has given you some shore-side inspiration and of course, the added bonus of a beach wedding is that your honeymoon starts the minute you’ve said your vows! 

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7 Perfect Locations to Host Your Beach Wedding // Beach weddings and elopement photographer Europe // Raisa Zwart Photography

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