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Natalie & Tom | Wedding at Kasteel Engelenburg, Brummen

When a Dutch – British couple gets married in Brummen, the Netherlands, there’s nothing a little rain can ruin…. When I drove towards the castle where Tom & Natalie we’re to get married, it was pouring. Almost tropical rainforest-like pouring. Of course we all hoped for it to get better, and fortunately it did. Love was all around, the sun came out to play and this beautiful couple tied the knot!

The beginning of a day full off love, music, sun, good food and just a lot of awesomeness, and of course above all the beginning of the rest of the lives of Natalie & Tom. Wishing you all the best Natalie & Tom, thanks so much for letting me capture your love story!

2016-08-11_00012016-08-15_00032016-08-11_00052016-08-15_00042016-08-11_00242016-08-11_00142016-08-11_00152016-08-11_00252016-08-11_00162016-08-11_00072016-08-11_00062016-08-11_00112016-08-11_00232016-08-11_00092016-08-11_00102016-08-15_00062016-08-11_00122016-08-15_00022016-08-11_00262016-08-11_00182016-08-11_0017Location: Kasteel Engelenburg, Brummen
Wedding planner / stylist: Prachtige Plannen
Videography: The Motions
Live painting: Feest in Verve
Music: Pretband entertainment
Photo Booth: Lach je Lens
Hair & Make-up: Italian Flair
Floral design: Ellen Nijenhuis

Wedding at kasteel engelenburg

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