I really enjoy hosting online master classes. Diving into a subject for at least 2 hours and answering all questions there may be after: it turns out to be a great way to transfer knowledge!


*For every ticket sold for a masterclass, I'll plant a tree through a company I work with: Trees for All. 

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print on demand

IN THIS LIVE MASTERCLASS I will TELL YOU all ABOUT earning a passive income through PRINT ON DEMAND PLATFORMs.

Print on demand is my most passive source of income. Two years ago I started uploading my travel photography on different platforms that use my photos to sell wall art to their customers.
I take those photos and upload whenever I want, and they do the marketing, production and customer service.

Every month I receive royalties for all products that have been sold, something that adds up to 1500 to 3000 euros per month for me. 100% passive. In this masterclass I will tell you how you can do this too.

This master class is suitable for photographers, graphic designers, artists, illustrators; anyone with a visual profession whose results can be sold digitized.

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Investment: 95 euro ex VAT






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